Individually we are one drop
together, we are an ocean
- Ryanosuke Saturo


Quite simply, investors turn into landlords, all be it more hands-off than most with Hodkin Group! 

We work closely with landlords in two main ways:

1. We often buy from landlords, either retiring or simply wanting to sell. 

This has become more apparent over the last year with the effect of Brexit on the Uk property market. Added to that tax changes with the introduction of Section 24. So the two pressing questions many landlords ask themselves at the minute is How will Brexit effect my property portfolio? And how will section 24 effect landlords? Thankfully we work with some of the best accountants/tax advisors and professionals in the industry. One of the benefits of working with Hodkin Group is the access to them!

2. We manage their properties. A well-managed, profitable, property portfolio means a happy landlord!

We currently don’t manage any other properties apart from the ones sourced and sold through ourselves. Making it a truly exclusive package we offer.


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