Welcome to Hodkin Group, your turnkey solution for a hands-free property portfolio.

If you are interested in the potentially good returns that property can generate, then please continue to read on.

We specialise in dealing with clients who have a sum of money that they are looking to invest in property, but simply lack the knowhow or the time required.

We have been building portfolios for clients now for nearly 10 years with all our business coming via recommendations.

Our simple philosophy is

'Give someone a great service, make them money and they will, in turn, recommend us to their friends and contacts'

Based on that we haven't needed to advertise for the whole of that time. However we have found a niche in the market for a professional company to source, manage, refurbish(if required) and deliver a handfree property portfolio.

Buying investment property can be a minefield.

We often see investors spend more time on their shopping list than buying a property! Yet its potentially one of the largest outlays and commitments in life. Having us by your side will eliminate those errors and each client will benefit from our years in experience in the property industry.

Typically we deliver the following:

  • Net yields of 8-15%
  • Genuine discounts of between 15-30%(Backed up with true sold comparables)
  • Personalised investment plan
  • Return on investments(ROI’s) typically of between 6-17%

'We don’t source property, we source returns'




Welcome To Hodkin Group

"Not only did they make the whole process easy to understand they found the right solution for our needs at a budget we could afford."
Michael Price