Individually we are one drop
together, we are an ocean
- Ryanosuke Saturo



Hodkin Group is a market leading property investment company with over 15 years of industry knowledge.

Property investing today is very different from 10 years ago, investors need proven strategies that generate a safe and secure return, the right team to help them achieve this and the support from like minded property investors. We are a portfolio building company and we are also landlords ourselves.

We build secure, high yielding property portfolios for investor from all over the world. From the ground up our team will make investing in property an enjoyable experience that involves very little of your time. We can advise and implement, if required, a company structure for the best and safest way of investing ,specialist accountants, solicitors, managing agents and tradesman that are checked through our ridged vetting process.




Hodkin Group are market leaders and trusted by our clients to deliver a high yielding, discounted property portfolios. Hodkin Group has the right team to source, refurbish and manage so equity and a regular income are the main reasons to choose Hodkin Group to build your portfolio.

Our clients come from all backgrounds. From families that have inherited money and never bought an investment property to company Directors who are time poor but are keen to invest in property. Hodkin Group prides itself on the best possible experience for its customers. No other company will deliver the same service or product to our standard.


Strong, solid businesses are built on strong foundations. 
Partnerships are a fundamental part of that.
We work with many partners, from Estate agents, property sourcers, Receivers, Asset managers to name a few.
Partners allow us to supply the best possible properties to our clients, this alone is the key to building high yielding property portfolios. 
Our Partners work with Hodkin Group because we deliver, simple.
If you feel you have something to offer Hodkin Group please get in touch we would be keen to speak to you.



Quite simply, investors turn into landlords, all be it more hands-off than most with Hodkin Group! 

We work closely with landlords in two main ways:

1. We often buy from landlords, either retiring or simply wanting to sell. 

This has become more apparent over the last year with the effect of Brexit on the Uk property market. Added to that tax changes with the introduction of Section 24. So the two pressing questions many landlords ask themselves at the minute is How will Brexit effect my property portfolio? And how will section 24 effect landlords? Thankfully we work with some of the best accountants/tax advisors and professionals in the industry. One of the benefits of working with Hodkin Group is the access to them!

2. We manage their properties. A well-managed, profitable, property portfolio means a happy landlord!

We currently don’t manage any other properties apart from the ones sourced and sold through ourselves. Making it a truly exclusive package we offer.

Previously Sold Properties

Property One

Market Value:                   £65,000

Purchase price:                £50,500

Discount:                          £9,500(16%Gross)

Work required:                £5,000

Rental:                             £450pcm

Yield:                                11%(Gross)

  Property Two

  Market Value:                   £100,000

  Purchase price:                £66,000

  Discount:                          £34,000(34%Gross)

  Work required:                 £15,000

  Rental:                              £550pcm

  Yield:                                10%(Gross)

  Property Three

  Market Value:                   £95,000

  Purchase price:                £75,000

  Discount:                          £20,000(21%Gross)

  Work required:                 £0

  Rental:                              £650pcm

  Yield:                                10.4%(Gross)


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